Andersonv.City of Davis

United States District Court, E.D. CaliforniaAug 29, 2006
Civ. No. S-05-2321 LKK GGH (E.D. Cal. Aug. 29, 2006)

Civ. No. S-05-2321 LKK GGH.

August 29, 2006


GREGORY HOLLOWS, Magistrate Judge

Previously pending on this court's law and motion calendar for August 24, 2006, was defendants' motion for discovery and sanctions. Defendants filed a joint statement without cooperation by plaintiffs, who did not file a response. Douglas Thorn and Allison Goldsmith appeared for defendants. Jeffrey Fletcher appeared for plaintiffs. After hearing, the court issues the following order.


1. Defendants' motion to compel discovery, filed August 14, 2006, is granted.

2. Plaintiffs shall produce all requested discovery in a full and complete manner, without objection, by September 20, 2006.

3. Defendants' motion for sanctions is deferred pending production by plaintiffs. Defendants may renew their sanctions motion, if necessary, after production has occurred.