American Electric Powerv.City

U.S.Jan 12, 1981
449 U.S. 1096 (1981)

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  • reversing district court's dismissal of complaint for lack of subject matter jurisdiction in action brought under § 505, stating: "We do not decide today whether, on the merits, plaintiffs can prove that the threatened discharges from Three Mile Island are radioactive wastes within the scope of the federal Water Pollution Control Act. We hold only that plaintiffs' allegations under the Act were sufficient for the purpose of subject matter jurisdiction."

    Summary of this case from Cronin v. Browner

  • In Patrick W., the court focused on the fact that the minor was only 13 years old. Indeed, Justice Jefferson expressed the view in a concurring opinion that a minor under the age of 14 does not have the capacity to waive Miranda rights. (Id. at p. 619.)

    Summary of this case from In re John S

No. 79-2059.

January 12, 1981,

Certioari denied. JUSTICE WHITE would grant certiorari, Reported below: 616 F. 2d 976.