Aldrichv.Town of Milton

United States District Court, D. MassachusettsApr 5, 2010
Civil Action No. 09-11282-JLT (D. Mass. Apr. 5, 2010)

Civil Action No. 09-11282-JLT.

April 5, 2010


JOSEPH TAURO, District Judge

After reviewing Parties' submissions, this court hereby orders that Defendant Boston Police Department's Motion to Dismiss [#22] is ALLOWED. The Boston Police Department is not an independent legal entity, but a department of the City of Boston and, as such, any claims against the Police Department are properly brought against the City. Notably, the Complaint in this case already alleges the same eighteen counts against both the Boston Police Department and the City of Boston. Accordingly, this court finds it appropriate to dismiss this action as to Defendant Boston Police Department.

Stratton v. City of Boston, 731 F.Supp. 42, 46-47 (D.Mass. 1989).