United States District Court, D. ColumbiaMar 26, 2009
Civil Action No. 05-1678 (GK) (D.D.C. Mar. 26, 2009)

Civil Action No. 05-1678 (GK).

March 26, 2009


GLADYS KESSLER, District Judge

A Status Conference was held in this case on March 26, 2009, which took place on the record and via telephone. Upon consideration of the representations of the parties, and the entire record herein, it is hereby

ORDERED, that the Motions Hearing scheduled for April 14, 2009, will pertain to parties' motions for judgment on the record. In the event that the hearing must extend beyond one day, the Court will hear the remainder of the case on April 15, 2009; and it is further

ORDERED, that Petitioner's Motion for Extension of Page Limit is granted.