Court of Criminal Appeals of AlabamaJul 28, 1975
326 So. 2d 665 (Ala. Crim. App. 1975)
326 So. 2d 66557 Ala. App. 738

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  • Quinn v. State

    …denied 291 Ala. 796, 279 So.2d 549, habeas corpus granted; Prince v. Alabama, 507 F.2d 693; Ex parte Collins,…

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4 Div. 303.

May 6, 1975. After Reply to Remand, July 28, 1975.

Appeal from Circuit Court, Houston County; Forrest L. Adams, Judge.

Lewis Hornsby, Dothan, for appellant.

William J. Baxley, Atty. Gen., and C. Lawson Little, Asst. Atty. Gen., for the State.

Second degree burglary: sentence, four years imprisonment.

Under Mayberry v. State, 48 Ala. App. 276, 264 So.2d 198, this cause is remanded for a further hearing as to whether or not the State denied appellant a speedy trial. See Prince v. Alabama, 5 Cir., 507 F.2d 693.

Remanded with directions.

All the Judges concur.


Dismissed as moot.