Court of Appeals of MarylandDec 4, 1951
198 Md. 454 (Md. 1951)
198 Md. 45484 A.2d 613

[No. 117, October Term, 1951.]

Decided December 4, 1951.

APPEAL — Where Not From Final Judgment, Dismissed. Where an appeal was not from a final judgment, it was dismissed. p. 455


Decided December 4, 1951.

Appeal from the Criminal Court of Baltimore City (SHERBOW, J.).

William Adams and Walter Rouse, otherwise called John Roush, were indicted for conspiracy to violate the lottery laws. Defendant Adams filed a motion for discovery, to which motion the State filed an answer. From an order overruling his exceptions to the answer, defendant Adams appealed.

Appeal dismissed.

The cause was argued before MARBURY, C.J., and DELAPLAINE, COLLINS, HENDERSON and MARKELL, JJ.

J. Francis Ford, with whom was Joseph H.A. Rogan on the brief, for the appellant.

The Court declined to hear argument for the appellee.

Hall Hammond, Attorney General, J. Edgar Harvey, Deputy Attorney General, and Anselm Sodaro, State's Attorney for Baltimore City, on the brief, for the appellee.

ORDERED by the Court of Appeals of Maryland this 4th day of December, 1951, that the appeal in the above entitled case be, and the same is hereby dismissed, because it is not from a final judgment. State v. Haas, 188 Md. 63, 51 A.2d 647, Kinnard v. State, 183 Md. 377, 384, 38 A.2d 92. No further opinion will be filed. The Clerk is directed to transmit the mandate immediately to the Criminal Court of Baltimore.