Supreme Court of FloridaSep 27, 2011
Case No. SC11-1768 (Fla. Sep. 27, 2011)

Case No. SC11-1768.

September 27, 2011.

Lower Tribunal No(s). 2011CA003734.

The petition for writ of prohibition is hereby transferred, pursuant to Harvard v. Singletary, 733 So. 2d 1020 (Fla. 1999), to the First District Court of Appeal. The transfer of this case should not be construed as an adjudication or comment on the merits of the petition, nor as a determination that the transferee court has jurisdiction or that the petition has been properly denominated as a petition for writ of prohibition. The transferee court should not interpret the transfer of this case as an indication that it must or should reach the merits of the petition. The transferee court shall treat the petition as if it had been originally filed there on the date it was filed in this Court. Any determination concerning whether a filing fee shall be applicable to this case shall be made by the transferee court. Any and all pending motions in this case are hereby deferred to the transferee court.

Any future pleadings filed regarding this case should be filed in the above mentioned district court at 2000 Drayton Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0950.