450-454 W. 152nd St. HDFC

Supreme Court, Appellate Term, First DepartmentMar 21, 2012
2012 N.Y. Slip Op. 68050 (N.Y. App. Div. 2012)

Motion No: 570015/12


450-454 W. 152nd St. HDFC v. Stembridge, Everett

It is Ordered that tenant-appellant's motion is granted on condition that tenant-appellant: 1- perfects his appeal by no later than the September 2012 term - the filing deadline is July 10, 2012; 2- pays accruing use and occupancy to the landlord at the rate of $227.50 on or before each subsequent rental due date, without prejudice. In the event of tenant-appellant's failure to comply with the foregoing conditions, landlord-respondent may move on five days' notice for an order vacating the stay of the final judgment and warrant of eviction. This appeal may proceed on the original record.

By: , J.P., Schoenfeld, Shulman., J.J.