11 R Sales, Inc.v.Yarto

United States District Court, E.D. WashingtonJan 9, 2009
No. CV-07-3006-FVS (E.D. Wash. Jan. 9, 2009)

No. CV-07-3006-FVS.

January 9, 2009


FRED VAN SICKLE, District JudgePage 2

THE COURT having been advised the parties have settled their differences; Now, therefore


1. The Court's order of December 11, 2008 (Ct. Rec. 227) is vacated.

2. The plaintiffs' motion to compel (Ct. Rec. 198) is denied as moot.

3. The plaintiffs' motion for summary judgment (Ct. Rec. 214) is denied as moot.

4. The plaintiffs' motion for summary judgment (Ct. Rec. 217) is denied as moot.

5. The plaintiffs' motion for attorney's fees and costs (Ct. Rec. 241) is denied as moot. IT IS SO ORDERED. The District Court Executive is hereby directed to enter this order and furnish copies to counsel.