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High-speed, automated brief drafting

Draft better briefs faster with Compose, a customizable drafting tool with arguments and authorities tailored to your side and jurisdiction.

No more digging through treatises and brief banks. Simply click to add an argument to your draft.

Premier employment law content

Through our partnership with James Publishing, Casetext has trusted resources with comprehensive coverage of the law for plaintiff and defense counsel, along with practice-proven tools for success.

Get step-by-step procedural checklists, forms, pattern arguments, and more authored by expert practitioners in California employment law.


Intelligent legal research engines

Parallel Search is AI-powered search technology that gives you the power to search the law using concepts. Simply search your argument or legal proposition and get the law you need instantly.

Cara A.I.

Instantly cite-check briefs

Reduce the risk of missing key cases. Upload opposing counsel’s brief to CARA A.I., and get a list of authorities they cited in seconds. See authorities they didn’t find— or intentionally left out.


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Casetext offers the best legal tech with fair and transparent pricing. Our plans are inclusive, so you’ll never get hit with surprise or “out-of-plan” fees. Learn more about pricing.

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