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    Holding that courts have applied 28 U.S.C. § 1367, the supplemental jurisdiction statute, to bankruptcy courts to allow them to resolve bankruptcy claims solely based on "related to" jurisdiction
  2. Browning v. Navarro

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    Holding that decision to remand is nonreviewable under 28 U.S.C. § 1478(b) (superseded 1984), the predecessor of § 1452(b)
  3. In re Ray

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    Holding that the bankruptcy court did not have "related to" jurisdiction over breach of contract action that "could have existed entirely apart from the bankruptcy proceeding and did not necessarily depend upon resolution of a substantial question of bankruptcy law"
  4. In re Valdez Fisheries Development Ass'n, Inc.

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    Holding that even though an agreement required the approval of the bankruptcy court, such approval alone was insufficient to retain of jurisdiction
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    Holding that state courts retain concurrent jurisdiction over claims brought pursuant to § 544(b)
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    Summarizing split of authority
  8. Section 1334 - Bankruptcy cases and proceedings

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    Granting "exclusive jurisdiction" to a federal court handling a bankruptcy case "of all the property, wherever located, of the debtor as of the commencement of such case, and of property of the estate"
  9. Section 1452 - Removal of claims related to bankruptcy cases

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    Granting removal power to any “party” in a bankruptcy case