11 Cited authorities

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    Holding that a complaint's allegations should "contain sufficient factual matter, accepted as true, to 'state a claim to relief that is plausible on its face' "
  2. ATSI Communications, Inc. v. Shaar Fund, Ltd.

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    Holding that deception occurs when "investors are misled to believe that prices at which they purchase and sell securities are determined by the natural interplay of supply and demand, not rigged by manipulators"
  3. In re Mortgageamerica Corp.

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    Holding that a fraudulent transfer claim against a corporate debtor's control person belongs to the corporate debtor, not to specific creditors
  4. National American Ins. v. Ruppert Landscaping

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    Holding that sureties of debtor, as individual creditors of debtor, lacked standing to pursue claims that were similar in nature and purpose to fraudulent conveyance claims that might be brought by trustee
  5. Catskill Mountains Chapter of Trout v. U.S. EPA

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    Granting a stay of the action pending the outcome of an 11th Circuit case, "finding that while a decision will not necessarily be binding on this Court, resolution of [another case may] guide this Court in ruling on . . . the key issues in this litigation."
  6. Sierra Rutile Ltd. v. Katz

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    Holding Section 16 does not provide jurisdiction when the parties to an action had no agreement to arbitrate, because no issue was referable to arbitration under an agreement pursuant to Section 3
  7. Allard v. DeLorean

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    Stating that a federal court has no jurisdiction to hear a case that cannot affect the litigants' rights
  8. Meoli v. Huntington Nat'l Bank (In re Teleservices Grp., Inc.)

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    Holding that section 362 stayed a creditor's unjust enrichment claim seeking money from third-party bank that had received fraudulent transfers from the debtor, which were traceable to the creditor
  9. Matter of Daniele Laundries, Inc.

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    Stating that the trustee's fraudulent transfer action "supersedes [the creditor's] state court action, so that [the creditor] lacks standing to pursue its case"
  10. Rule 15 - Amended and Supplemental Pleadings

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    Finding that, per N.Y. C.P.L.R. § 1024, New York law provides a more forgiving principle for relation back in the context of naming John Doe defendants described with particularity in the complaint
  11. Rule 7015 - Amended and Supplemental Pleadings

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    Adopting FRCP 15 for adversary proceedings