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    Concluding that the gathering and dissemination of pricing information by the petroleum companies through an independent industry service did not imply collusive action where there was no evidence the information was misused as a basis for an unlawful conspiracy; rather, evidence suggested that individual companies used all available resources “to determine capacity, supply, and pricing decisions which would maximize their own individual profits”
  2. PLCM Group, Inc. v. Drexler

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    Finding no error in awarding "prevailing market rate for comparable legal services in San Francisco, where counsel is located" in a case heard in Los Angeles
  3. Trope v. Katz

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    Determining that under section 1021, opposing parties may enter into an "agreement, express or implied" allocating attorney's fees
  4. Parsons v. Crown Disposal Co.

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    Holding that the social utility of defendant's conduct overrode the foreseeability of harm
  5. E.L. White, Inc. v. City of Huntington Beach

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    Allowing a party to seek indemnification from the governmental entity, the Court held that the party's "injury" under California Government Code §§ 810.8 and 835, was the payment of a monetary judgment.
  6. Crow v. State of California

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    Holding that the school had no legal duty to protect a college student from an on-campus assault by another student because the school "could 'not have prevented this incident from taking place except possibly by posting guards in each dorm room on a 24-hour, 365-day per year basis.' "
  7. In re Marriage of Oddino

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    Holding that "Congress extended concurrent state jurisdiction to any action by a participant or beneficiary to obtain or clarify benefits under the terms of a [QDRO] plan"
  8. Franklin v. the Monadnock Co.

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    Finding public policy, when read alongside California Civil Procedure Code section 527.8, requiring employers to maintain safe and secure workplace
  9. Ochoa v. California State University

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    Holding injury from voluntary participation in intramural match subject to § 831.7 immunity
  10. Ewing v. Goldstein

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    No. B163112 July 16, 2004 Appeal from the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, No. BC267552, Frances Rothschild, J. Stark, Rasak Clarke and Edmund Willcox Clarke, Jr., for Plaintiffs and Appellants. Callahan, McCune Willis and Christopher J. Zopatti for Defendant and Respondent. OPINION BOLAND, J. SUMMARY The parents of a victim killed by a therapist's patient sued the therapist for wrongful death based on the therapist's failure to warn the victim after the therapist received a communication that

  11. Section 1092 - Institutional and financial assistance information for students

    20 U.S.C. § 1092   Cited 84 times   3 Legal Analyses
    Requiring funding recipients to collect statistics on crimes motivated by the victim's "gender, ... sexual orientation"