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    Recognizing a defendant's right to bring a pretrial motion to dismiss on the grounds of "`intentional and purposeful' invidious discrimination"
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    Holding that "a showing of threatened future harm or continuing violation is required" before a court can impose an injunction under California's Business and Professions Code
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    In People v. Shira, supra, 62 Cal.App.3d at pages 446-448, the court apparently did not find the set location of the game among active participants or the physical presence of the lottery winner to be an impediment to finding Ringo, a game similar to bingo, to be a lottery.
  4. Lewis v. Harp

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    No. 17,485. Decided August 15, 1955. Rehearing denied August 29, 1955. Action for damages for wrongful death resulting from automobile accident. Judgment for plaintiff. Affirmed. 1. APPEAL AND ERROR — Instructions — Companion Case. That the giving of an instruction on the subject of negligence in a companion case was held to be error, will not be held error in the instant case where counsel for defendant consented to the giving of such instruction. 2. Instructions — Objection. To justify a reversal