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  3. Brock v. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals

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    In Brock v. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals (1992) 10 Cal.App.4th 1790, 1795–1796, 13 Cal.Rptr.2d 678 (Brock), the court explained: "A party to a contractual arbitration agreement may compel a recalcitrant party to comply with a valid agreement by means of a petition pursuant to section 1281.2, which is in essence a suit in equity to compel specific performance of the arbitration agreement.
  4. Webster v. Superior Court

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    Holding that claimant injured in shooting rampage in offices of insolvent insurer should have been permitted to pursue personal injury claim outside of liquidation process where insurer had liability insurance that would cover any claim plus the expenses of defending it and where claimants stipulated that they would not seek any recovery from the insolvent insurer's assets
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  6. Au-Yang v. Barton

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    In Au-Yang v. Barton (1999) 21 Cal.4th 958, the court reiterated that the 15-day notice period in Code of Civil Procedure section 594, subdivision (a) is mandatory. (Au-Yang v. Barton, supra, at p. 963.)
  7. Brunzell Constr. Co. v. Wagner

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    In Brunzell Constr. Co. v. Wagner, 2 Cal.3d 545 [ 86 Cal.Rptr. 297, 468 P.2d 553], the court held that the "impracticable and futile" exception could apply where legal complexities made it possible but not sensible for the plaintiff to proceed.
  8. People v. Santana

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    In Santana, the striking of the prior conviction allegation did not "wipe out prior convictions" or prevent them from being considered in connection with future convictions.
  9. Marcus v. Superior Court

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    Docket No. 17977. November 18, 1977. COUNSEL Mitchell, Silberberg Knupp, Howard S. Smith and David S. Gubman for Petitioners. No appearance for Respondent. Howard G. Sonksen and Fred S. Pardes for Real Party in Interest. OPINION KAUFMAN, J. The petitioners filed a motion to stay proceedings pending the outcome of an arbitration proceeding which was ordered pursuant to a motion to compel arbitration. The motion to stay proceedings was denied. Petitioners seek a writ of mandate. We have concluded that

  10. People v. Calhoun

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    In People v. Calhoun, supra, 141 Cal.App.3d 117, the appellate court considered whether the trial court could stay the execution of the enhancement of a sentence under section 12022.5 for a firearm use.
  11. Section 362 - Automatic stay

    11 U.S.C. § 362   Cited 24,772 times   79 Legal Analyses
    Concluding that cause exists to lift the stay because no bankruptcy purpose would be served by keeping the stay in place