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    Holding that a restriction on commercial speech must directly advance a substantial governmental interest
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    Holding that there was no liability where an unsatisfied hair transplant customer had used Bosley's mark for purposes of criticism, because the customer's "use of the Bosley mark [was] not in connection with a sale of goods or services—it [was] in connection with the expression of his opinion about Bosley's goods and services"
  3. Nissan Motor Co. v. Nissan Computer Corp.

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    Holding that initial interest confusion occurs when a defendant uses a plaintiff's trademark in a way calculated to capture a consumer's attention and divert the consumer to the defendant's own Web site
  4. In re Anonymous Online Speakers

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    Upholding disclosure with respect to identity of three non-party anonymous speakers who allegedly made defamatory statements about plaintiff, which formed predicate of plaintiff's claims against a business competitor for tortious interference
  5. Dendrite International v. Doe No. 3

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    Finding that this test was a "flexible, non-technical, fact sensitive mechanism for courts to use as a means of ensuring that plaintiffs do not use discovery procedures to ascertain identities of unknown defendants in order to harass, intimidate or silence critics in the public forum opportunities presented by the Internet."
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    Holding that the Lanham Act's reference to "use in commerce" extends to all activities within the scope of the Constitution's commerce clause
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    Finding that identity of individual who anonymously posted derogatory comments about a company on an online message board was protected from disclosure under the First Amendment
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    Agreeing with its earlier statement that "statistical evidence derived from an extremely small universe, as in the present case, has little predictive value and must be disregarded."
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    Requiring for use-based registration "such number of specimens or facsimiles of the mark as used as may be required by the Director"