11 Cited authorities

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    Holding that under the abuse of discretion standard the appellate court will not reverse unless the ruling is manifestly erroneous
  2. Texaco, Inc. v. Anh Thi Phan

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    Holding evidence of lost profits damages legally insufficient because "the Owners failed to meet their burden of proving net profits, from which expenses had been subtracted" to arrive at lost profits
  3. Children's Broadcasting Corp. v. Walt Disney

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    Holding district court's conclusion that it should have excluded testimony of damages expert was not an abuse of discretion, in part because expert's opinion was based on claims that did not survive summary judgment
  4. Coonis v. Rogers

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    Holding that violation of court injunction by interfering with contract right with full knowledge of situation provides tort claim supporting recovery for damages
  5. Spin Doctor Golf, Inc. v. Paymentech, L.P.

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    Concluding credit card service agreement obligating credit card processing company to pay golfing business $5,000,000 it received from business's credit card sales was "major transaction," in "contrast" to "the insurer in Tex. Ass'n of Sch. Bds. [who] may never have to pay any money under the agreement"
  6. Hale County A & M Transport, LLC v. City of Kansas City

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    Excluding expert testimony on whether expert found witness's story useful to analysis
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    Concluding that speculative opinion, "such as an opinion on what someone else was thinking at a specific time" is mere conjecture that will not assist jury
  9. Boehm v. Eli Lilly & Co.

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    Affirming summary judgment where prescribing doctor was given scientifically unsupported hypothetical about alternative warning
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    Rejecting "post hoc rationalization" of expert opinion