18 Cited authorities

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    Holding that one opposing summary judgment cannot rely simply on "conclusory allegations" or "unsupported speculation"
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    Rejecting the defendant's patent preemption argument in denying rehearing in a trade secrets misappropriation and unjust enrichment case
  3. Walker v. City of Lakewood

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    Holding that an organization was injured by, among other things, delayed contractual payments and government client's non-renewal of the contract
  4. Arthur D. Little, Inc. v. Dooyang Corp.

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    Holding that the "loss of money or property must stem from" the Chapter 93A misconduct
  5. Berish v. Bornstein

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    Holding remedy for willful breach of fiduciary duty resulting in personal gain to include disgorgement
  6. Janigan v. Taylor

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    Holding that defendant cannot avoid disgorgement of profits attributable to efforts which were part of his regular duties as a corporate director and officer for which he received a salary
  7. Krys v. Aaron (In re Refco Inc. Sec. Litig.)

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    Finding it insufficient for pleading intent to procure breach that "defendant engaged in wrongful conduct that had the effect of impairing a plaintiff's contract"
  8. Berg v. First State Ins. Co.

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    Holding that plaintiffs suffered no damages under RICO because it was undisputed that they did not incur any out-of-pocket expenses as a result of defendants' conduct
  9. Mogel v. Unum Life Ins. Co.

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    Holding that “UNUM cannot be said to have completed its fiduciary functions under the plan when it set up the [RAAs]” because “delivery of the checkbook did not constitute a ‘lump sum payment’ called for by the policies ”
  10. Arete Partners, L.P. v. Gunnerman

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    Noting that pre- and postjudgment interest rates are calculated the same under Section 304.003