23 Cited authorities

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    Holding that a sufficient specification of when the injury in fact will occur is necessary
  2. Abbott Laboratories v. Gardner

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    Holding that the action at issue had a "sufficiently direct and immediate" impact on petitioners, such that judicial review was appropriate, because noncompliance risked "serious criminal and civil penalties"
  3. McCarthy v. Madigan

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    Holding that a prisoner was not required to exhaust the Bureau of Prisons' administrative procedure before making a Bivens claim for money damages
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    Holding that congressional alienage-based restrictions on federal Medicare benefits did not violate due process
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    Holding that the INA did not strip jurisdiction over certain claims because otherwise "meaningful judicial review ... would be foreclosed"
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    Holding that petitioner's constitutional claims could first be brought before the agency
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    Holding that federal courts may enjoin state officials to conform their conduct to federal law
  8. Telecommunications Research Action v. F.C.C

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    Holding that a district court did not have jurisdiction to review a rule or issue a writ of mandamus because of a special review statute that assigned judicial review to the courts of appeals
  9. National Min. Ass'n v. Department of Labor

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    Holding that a rule is impermissibly retroactive if "applied to claims that were pending on the regulations' effective date"
  10. Andrade v. Lauer

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    Holding that exhaustion of CSRA remedies is not required when there is "complete divergence between the issues presented by the constitutional and personnel/statutory claims"
  11. Section 7217 - Commission oversight of the Board

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    Incorporating 15 U.S.C. § 78s(c)