6 Cited authorities

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    Holding that an attorney is not subject to contempt for good faith legal advice regarding the Fifth Amendment
  2. In re Grand Jury Proceedings

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    Holding that application of attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine are subject to abuse of discretion standard
  3. Shields v. Sturm, Ruger Co.

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    Holding that although accident reports from consumers to gun manufacturer were hearsay and inadmissible for any purpose that assumed the truth of the allegations made in the reports, district court properly admitted 70 of the 570 consumer reports for purposes of proving notice and awareness of danger caused by misfiring of gun; reports of customers made after the date of plaintiff's accident were not relevant and not admissible
  4. Chesapeake Energy Corp. v. Bank of N.Y. Mellon Trust

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    Concluding after in camera review that documents were privileged and "have no bearing on the issues before the Court"
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    Granting a party fourteen days to object to a Magistrate Judge's non-dispositive order
  6. Rule 45 - Subpoena

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    Holding that a subpoena may command a person to attend a trial, hearing, or deposition "within 100 miles of where the person resides, is employed, or regularly transacts business in person"