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    Holding that a regulation that "makes it impossible for citizens to use [their firearms] for the core lawful purpose of self defense" is unconstitutional
  2. McDonald v. City of Chicago

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    Holding that “the Second Amendment right is fully applicable to the States”
  3. Burdick v. Takushi

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    Holding that Hawaii's prohibition on write-in voting did not violate the challengers' freedoms of expression and association
  4. DeBartolo Corp. v. Fla. Gulf Coast Trades Council

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    Holding that a union’s distribution of handbills at the entrances of a shopping mall was not threatening, coercing, or restraining within meaning of section 8(b) because there had been "no violence, picketing, or patrolling," and "no suggestion that the leaflets had any coercive effect on customers of the mall"
  5. City of Los Angeles v. Alameda Books, Inc.

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    Holding that "`[t]he First Amendment does not require a city, before enacting . . . an [adult entertainment secondary effects] ordinance to conduct new studies or produce evidence independent of that already generated by other cities, so long as whatever evidence the city relies upon is reasonably believed to be relevant to the problem that the city addresses.'"
  6. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. v. Federal Communications Commission

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    Holding that "Congress has drawn reasonable inferences based on substantial evidence," when it had before it evidence including some memory surveys
  7. Nat'l Labor Relations Bd. v. Catholic Bishop

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    Holding that church-operated schools are not subject to NLRB jurisdiction
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    Holding that a ban on advertising the compounding of pharmaceuticals violated the First Amendment
  9. Bach v. Pataki

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    Holding that a New York regulation restricting applications for handgun licenses to nonresidents with a primary place of business in the State did not violate the Privileges and Immunities Clause because the "discrimination [was] sufficiently justified by New York's public safety interest in monitoring handgun licensees" and its inability to access sufficient information about the qualifications of nonresidents
  10. Alliance of American Insurers v. Chu

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    Holding that insurance companies had a due process interest in the statutorily created Property and Liability Insurance Security Fund, funded through insurer contributions and used to satisfy claims in the event of an insurer's insolvency
  11. Section 500.27 - Discretionary proceedings to review certified questions from Federal courts and other courts of last resort

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    Listing courts from which the New York Court of Appeals will accept certified questions