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    Holding that § 3813's notice of claim requirement "is not satisfied by presentment to any other individual or body"
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    Holding that importation of a woman for immoral purposes may constitutionally be regulated even when it is not for material gain
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    Holding that "the one-year limitation prescribed in Education Law § 3813(2-b) should govern discrimination claims against a school district"
  4. In the Matter of Theroux v. Reilly

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    In Theroux, the New York Court of Appeals considered whether a police officer had to satisfy a "heightened risk" standard to qualify for benefits under a state statute that provided full wages to municipal employees injured "in the performance of" their duties.
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    No. 2009-04759. August 31, 2010. In an action to recover damages for wrongful death and personal injuries, etc., the plaintiff appeals, as limited by her brief, from so much of an order of the Supreme Court, Nassau County (Woodard, J.), entered March 26, 2009, as granted those branches of the separate motions of the defendant Village of Malverne and the defendant Malverne Fire Department/Norwood Hook, Ladder Hose Company #1 which were pursuant to CPLR 3211 (a) (7) to dismiss the complaint insofar

  7. Section 500 - Application

    N.Y. Retire. & Soc. Sec. Law § 500   Cited 14 times

    a. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, except as otherwise provided in subdivisions c and f of this section, the provisions of this article shall apply to all members who join or rejoin a public retirement system of the state on or after July first, nineteen hundred seventy-six and to all employees who would have been eligible to join or rejoin such a retirement system on or after such date but in lieu thereof elected an optional retirement program to which their employers are thereby required

  8. Section 440 - Application

    N.Y. Retire. & Soc. Sec. Law § 440   Cited 12 times

    a. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, but subject to the provisions of subdivisions c and d of this section, the provisions and limitations of this article shall apply, as may be appropriate, to all members who join or rejoin a public retirement system of the state or of a municipality thereof, and to all employees who would be eligible to join such a retirement system but in lieu thereof elected an optional retirement program to which their employers are thereby required to contribute,

  9. Section 480 - Extension of temporary benefits and supplementation programs

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    a. Every temporary right, privilege or benefit conferred pursuant to the provisions of a general, special or local law (other than pursuant to articles fourteen and fifteen of this chapter) for any member of a public retirement system or pension plan funded by the state or one of its political subdivisions, which is scheduled to expire or terminate at any time during nineteen hundred seventy-four, nineteen hundred seventy-five, nineteen hundred seventy-six, nineteen hundred seventy-seven, nineteen

  10. Section 517 - Member contributions

    N.Y. Retire. & Soc. Sec. Law § 517   Cited 2 times

    a. Members shall contribute three percent of annual wages to the retirement system in which they have membership, provided that such contributions shall not be required for more than thirty years, for general members, or twenty-five years, for police/fire members, except that beginning April first, two thousand thirteen for members who first become members of the New York state and local employees' retirement system on or after April first, two thousand twelve, the rate at which each such member

  11. Section 508-A - Death benefit for vested members who die prior to retirement

    N.Y. Retire. & Soc. Sec. Law § 508-A   Cited 2 times

    a. A death benefit plus the reserve-for-increased-take-home-pay, if any, shall be payable upon the death of a member of a retirement system who: 1. Died before the effective date of retirement while a member of such retirement system; 2. Had at least ten years of credited service at the time of death; and 3. Died at a time and in a manner which did not result in the eligibility of the member's estate or any beneficiary to receive any death benefits from such retirement system on account of such death

  12. Section 600.10 - Format and content of records, appendices and briefs

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    (a) Form and size. (1) Generally; paper and page size. Records, appendices and briefs shall be reproduced by any method that produces a permanent, legible, black on white copy and shall be on a good grade of white, opaque, unglazed recycled paper that satisfies the requirements of subdivision (e) of this section. Paper shall measure vertically 11 inches on the bound edge and horizontally 81/2 inches. The clerk may refuse to accept for filing a paper which is not legible or otherwise does not comply