16 Cited authorities

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    Holding that Title VII action may be maintained only against "employer-entity"
  2. Spirt v. Teachers Ins. Annuity Ass'n

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    Holding “broad and explicit preemptive provision” of Title VII negated application of McCarran–Ferguson
  3. In re Acosta

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    In Acosta, we reviewed the DOE's denial of an application for a security clearance, filed by an individual who had been convicted of first-degree robbery when she was 17 years old.
  4. Bonacorsa v. Van Lindt

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    In Bonacorsa, the petitioner in an Article 78 proceeding had been a licensed owner-trainer-driver of harness race horses.
  5. Goyette v. DCA Advertising Inc.

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    Finding that the foreign parent had so "significantly affected the subsidiary's employment policies" that it could be held liable where the parent explicitly instructed the subsidiary not to fire Japanese expatriates
  6. Vanguard Justice Society, Inc. v. Hughes

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    Finding that a failure to "have more vigorously inquired about certain of the tests" such that defendants would have "discovered the extent of their racially discriminatory impact" was not sufficient, without more, to establish intentional discrimination
  7. Alie v. Nynex Corp.

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    Holding that "plaintiff's vague, conclusory allegation of corporate identity of interest is wholly insufficient to withstand" the parent's motion to dismiss
  8. Dunson v. Tri-Maintenance & Contractors, Inc.

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    Holding that NYCHRL is subject to same analysis as NYSHRL
  9. Voltaire v. Home Serv. Sys. Inc.

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    Denying summary judgment in light of the "suspicion of mendacity" established by plaintiff regarding the documents supporting defendants' reason for termination, the disbelief of the stated reasons for termination and the close temporal proximity between the assertion of FMLA rights and termination
  10. Now v. State Div. of Human Rights

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    Permitting the National Organization for Women ("NOW") to proceed with claims despite lack of specific injured parties because it was a "bona fide recognized organization representing [the class at issue] with a specific interest in the interest in the litigation in question"
  11. Section 1981 - Equal rights under the law

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    Granting equal rights to "make and enforce contracts" without regard to race
  12. Section 201 - Short title

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    Setting fourteen as the minimum age for most non-agricultural work
  13. Section 296 - Unlawful discriminatory practices

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    Prohibiting discrimination because of "sexual orientation, ... sex," etc.