8 Cited authorities

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    In Riverside Syndicate, the contract was deemed void because it conflicted with public policy embedded in a specific regulation.
  2. Finchum v. Colaiacomo

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    October 23, 2008. Appeal from a decision and amended decision of the Workers' Compensation Board, filed March 30, 2007 and March 5, 2008, which ruled, among other things, that the applicability of Workers' Compensation Law § 56 was barred by the doctrine of laches. Before: Mercure, J.P., Spain, Malone Jr. and Stein, JJ. Peters, J. Claimant filed a claim for workers' compensation benefits in September 1987 after he was severely injured while driving a vehicle owned by his employer. Following numerous

  3. Cameron Estates v. Deering

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    In Cameron Estates and MZRP, the courts held that a tax deed was void where, although the basis for the sale was delinquent taxes, there was in fact no tax delinquency on the property.
  4. Reed v. Reed

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    July 6, 1993 Appeal from the Supreme Court, Nassau County (Kohn, J.). Ordered that the order is affirmed, with costs. In this matrimonial action, the parties were divorced by a judgment dated June 7, 1972. The judgment did not set forth any provision as to alimony or child support for their two infant children. Instead, there was a temporary order dated April 15, 1971, requiring the plaintiff to provide for child support and alimony. Both parties agree that this order was extended for six weeks after

  5. Swandiak v. Boniface

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    May 24, 1990 Appeal from the Supreme Court, Sullivan County (Williams, J.). Mahoney, P.J. In 1981, plaintiff commenced this RPAPL article 15 action to declare his ownership of certain property in the Towns of Mamakating and Fallsburg, Sullivan County. He acquired the property by a foreclosure deed in 1969 and asserts that he paid all taxes then due. His deed was recorded in 1973. Nonetheless, defendant County of Sullivan purchased a 30-acre parcel, allegedly the Town of Fallsburg portion of plaintiff's

  6. Marden v. Dorthy

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    Recording adds nothing to the legal efficacy of a forged deed
  7. Wahle-Phillips Co. v. Fitzgerald

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    In Wahle-Phillips Co. v. Fitzgerald (225 N.Y. 137), electric lighting fixtures used in equipping an office building, though technically but personal property, were nevertheless considered a "permanent improvement" of the realty, and the materialmen entitled to a lien.
  8. The People v. Snyder

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    Cause argued October 5th, 1869 Decided December 22d 1869 Scott Lord, for appellants. D. Rumsey, for respondent. DANIELS, J. A very great number of objections were taken by the plaintiff's counsel to the admission of evidence upon the trial of this cause, which have been fully argued in the brief presented to the court on the part of the appellant. But it will be entirely unnecessary to consider and dispose of them in detail, under the view which has been taken of the case. The title upon which the