38 Cited authorities

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    Holding that extrinsic evidence was immaterial, in part because the contract plainly manifested intent that all prior understandings were merged into the contract, which expressed the parties' full agreement
  2. Bank of New York v. First Millennium, Inc.

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    Holding that 12 U.S.C. § 1821(d)(D) "bars only claims that could be brought under [FIRREA’s] administrative procedures"
  3. Breed v. Ins. Co. of N. Amer

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    Holding that no ambiguity exists where language has "definite and precise meaning, unattended by danger of misconception in the purport of the policy itself, and concerning which there is no reasonable basis for a difference of opinion"
  4. Oppenheimer Co. v. Oppenheim

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    Finding that a letter agreement contained an express condition precedent to contract formation where the agreement provided that the contract would be "null and void" unless the condition was fulfilled
  5. MHR Capital Partners LP v. Presstek, Inc.

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    Holding that language in an escrow agreement stating that contract documents were not to be released “unless and until” a party executed and agreed to a deal on terms outlined in the agreement was an express condition precedent
  6. Merritt Hill Vineyards Inc. v. Windy Heights Vineyard, Inc.

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    Finding that failure to fulfill a condition precedent "excuses performance by the other party whose performance is so conditioned"
  7. In re Westmoreland Coal Co. v. Entech, Inc.

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    Holding claims that seller breached representations and warranties that its closing balance sheet was prepared in accordance with U.S. GAAP were subject to resolution by the courts, not arbitration
  8. Metropolitan Life v. Noble Lowndes

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    Holding proof that “defendant's repudiation of the Agreement was motivated exclusively by its own economic self-interest” is insufficient to show willful misconduct
  9. Moran v. Erk

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    In Moran, the Court of Appeals noted that the attorney approval clause at issue did not expressly limit the grounds on which approval could be withheld.
  10. Madison Avenue Leasehold, LLC v. Madison Bentley Associates LLC

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    Stating the parol evidence rule