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    Holding that, under C.P.L.R. § 311, a plaintiff may rely on "corporate employees to identify the proper person to accept service" and that service on the secretary for the defendant's vice president, who had held herself out as authorized to receive service, was sufficient to support proper service on the corporation
  2. John Galliano, S.A. v. Stallion, Inc.

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    Stating that nonrecognition is appropriate where exercise of jurisdiction by foreign court does not comport with "New York's concept of personal jurisdiction"
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    In Salahuddin v. Coughlin, 781 F.2d 24 (2d Cir. 1986), this court explained the Harlow test as follows: "The pertinent test in applying [the objective good-faith] defense is whether the federal law violated was clearly established,... not whether a reasonable person would have known of the law."
  4. The Society of Lloyd's v. Grace

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    Affirming summary judgment for Lloyd's, explaining that "since the underlying English judgments are procedurally sound and do not violate any public policy of New York or the United States, they are entitled to comity"
  5. Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. v. Krupin

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    113286-2006. December 23, 2009. [EDITOR'S NOTE: This case is unpublished as indicated by the issuing court.] CAROL R. EDMEAD, Judge. MEMORANDUM DECISION In this foreclosure action, plaintiff Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. ("plaintiff") moves for summary judgment dismissing the Answer of the defendant Seward Park Housing Corporation ("Seward Park"), and for permission to treat said Answer as a limited Notice of Appearance so as to entitle Seward Park to receive, without prior notice, a copy of the

  6. Section 3213 - Motion for summary judgment in lieu of complaint

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    Meaning 3212
  7. Section 5602 - Appeals to the court of appeals by permission

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    Discussing appeals by permission to New York Court of Appeals
  8. Section 5303 - Recognition and enforcement

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    Except as provided in section 5304, a foreign country judgment meeting the requirements of section 5302 is conclusive between the parties to the extent that it grants or denies recovery of a sum of money. Such a foreign judgment is enforceable by an action on the judgment, a motion for summary judgment in lieu of complaint, or in a pending action by counterclaim, cross-claim or affirmative defense. N.Y. C.P.L.R. Law § 5303