64 Cited authorities

  1. Monell v. New York City Dept. of Social Services

    436 U.S. 658 (1978)   Cited 53,480 times   13 Legal Analyses
    Holding local governments can be liable under § 1983 for customs or policies that result in constitutional deprivations
  2. Schlup v. Delo

    513 U.S. 298 (1995)   Cited 14,284 times   13 Legal Analyses
    Holding that the actual innocence standard requires a petitioner "to make a stronger showing than that needed to establish prejudice" under Strickland
  3. Papasan v. Allain

    478 U.S. 265 (1986)   Cited 13,025 times   5 Legal Analyses
    Holding that Ex parte Young would not support a suit against a state for ongoing liability for an alleged past breach of trust, since "continuing payment of the income from the lost corpus is essentially equivalent in economic terms to a one-time restoration of the lost corpus itself"
  4. Melendez–Diaz v. Massachusetts

    557 U.S. 305 (2009)   Cited 2,984 times   45 Legal Analyses
    Holding that a certification that material seized by the police included cocaine was testimonial
  5. U.S. v. Gonzalez-Lopez

    548 U.S. 140 (2006)   Cited 1,702 times   13 Legal Analyses
    Holding that a violation of the Sixth Amendment right to counsel of choice does not require showing prejudice
  6. Old Chief v. United States

    519 U.S. 172 (1997)   Cited 2,449 times   7 Legal Analyses
    Holding that the government could not offer evidence about the details of a defendant's prior conviction to prove the prior felony element of § 922(g) if the defendant offered to stipulate to the fact of his prior felony conviction
  7. Cuyler v. Sullivan

    446 U.S. 335 (1980)   Cited 5,145 times   19 Legal Analyses
    Holding that "multiple representation does not violate the Sixth Amendment unless it gives rise to a conflict of interest" and "a reviewing court cannot presume that the possibility for conflict has resulted in ineffective assistance of counsel"
  8. Wheat v. United States

    486 U.S. 153 (1988)   Cited 2,103 times   10 Legal Analyses
    Holding in multiple-representation cases, a district court must help protect criminal defendants against counsel’s conflict of interest
  9. Huddleston v. United States

    485 U.S. 681 (1988)   Cited 2,049 times   4 Legal Analyses
    Holding that under Rule 104(b), the "court simply examines all the evidence in the case and decides whether the jury could reasonably find the conditional fact . . . by a preponderance of the evidence"
  10. U.S. v. Marcus

    560 U.S. 258 (2010)   Cited 771 times   5 Legal Analyses
    Holding that due process is violated "if the jury ... was not instructed about [a criminal statute's] enactment date" and convicts a defendant for "noncriminal, preenactment conduct"
  11. Rule 803 - Exceptions to the Rule Against Hearsay-Regardless of Whether the Declarant Is Available as a Witness

    Fed. R. Evid. 803   Cited 10,604 times   87 Legal Analyses
    Recognizing that hearsay statements are admissible if they constitute records of a regularly conducted activity