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    Holding that, under federal law, national parent bank may be sued in personam and, once such jurisdiction is obtained, a court can order attachment of property in a foreign branch bank; this is because "[o]nce personal jurisdiction of a party is obtained, the District Court has authority to `freeze' property under [the party's] control, whether the property be within or without the United States"
  2. Koehler v. Bank of Bermuda

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    Holding that a New York court with personal jurisdiction over a defendant may order him to turn over out-of-state property regardless of whether the defendant is a judgment debtor or a garnishee
  3. Bulk v. Bank of India

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    Holding that a subpoena on the New York branch of an Indian Bank "reaches all responsive materials within the corporation's control, even if those materials are located outside New York."
  4. Morgenthau v. Avion Resources Ltd.

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    Endorsing plaintiffs position that "the New York courts have the power to command a garnishee present in the state to bring out-of-state assets under the garnishee's control into the state"
  5. Goldberg & Connolly v. Xavier Constr. Co.

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    2012-04-24 In the Matter of GOLDBERG & CONNOLLY, appellant, v. XAVIER CONSTRUCTION CO., INC., et al., respondents. RUTH C. BALKIN Goldberg & Connolly, Rockville Centre, N.Y. (William J. Tinsley and Michael J. Rosenthal of counsel), appellant pro se.RUTH C. BALKIN, J.P., JOHN M. LEVENTHAL, SHERI S. ROMAN, and SANDRA L. SGROI, JJ. In a turnover proceeding pursuant to CPLR 5225(b) to direct Xavier Construction Co., Inc., and Frank Xavier Acocella to turn over the amount due under a judgment in favor

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    August 10, 1995 Appeal from the Supreme Court, New York County (Richard Lowe, III, J.). Plaintiff recovered a judgment for rent due under a lease for office space in a prior action captioned O'Brien-Kreitzberg v Kanon Personnel. Kanon Personnel is now alleged to be out of business, and plaintiff has commenced this action seeking to enforce its judgment against defendant K.P., Inc. and its principal, David Wortman who, the complaint alleges, continues to operate the same business and to use the name

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    01 Civ. 1228 (GEL) March 14, 2002 Peter L. Critchell, New York, New York, for Plaintiff-Petitioner AG Worldwide. Thomas J. Fleming, New York, New York, for Respondents KPR Finanz-und Verwaltung AG and Niklaus F. Zenger. OPINION AND ORDER GERARD E. LYNCH, District Judge. Plaintiff-petitioner AG Worldwide ("AG") seeks to commence a special proceeding pursuant to New York CPLR §§ 5225(b) and 5227 to collect monies owed to it by defendant Red Cube Management AG ("RCM"), the judgment debtor, from respondents

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    02 Civ. 7504 (KMW) (KNF). December 23, 2009 OPINION AND ORDER KIMBA WOOD, District Judge Petitioner Dorchester Financial Securities ("Dorchester") seeks a turnover order, pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 69(a) and New York Civil Practice Law and Rules § 5225(b), directing Respondent, sued herein as Banco Bilbao Viscaya ("Banco Vizcaya"), to pay Dorchester the cash value of two cashier's checks, which were allegedly issued by Banco Vizcaya, in partial satisfaction of a default judgment

  10. In re Payne v. Garnett Mckeen Lab. Inc.

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    Characterizing stock as intangible property subject to § 5201(c)'s directives regarding identity of proper garnishee
  11. Rule 34 - Producing Documents, Electronically Stored Information, and Tangible Things, or Entering onto Land, for Inspection and Other Purposes

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    Finding that the rules related to electronic discovery were "not meant to create a routine right of direct access to a party's electronic information system, although such access may be justified in some circumstances."
  12. Section 5225 - Payment or delivery of property of judgment debtor

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    Authorizing judgment creditor to commence special proceeding against garnishee who holds assets of judgment debtor
  13. Section 2701 - When court may order disposition of property

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    Authorizing a court to dispose of property where, inter alia, " a party has such property in his possession, custody or control as trustee for another party"