18 Cited authorities

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    Finding no intent to add terms where sophisticated parties could have added a term, but failed to do so
  2. Beal Sav. Bank v. Sommer

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    Holding that a contract should not be interpreted so as to render any portion of it meaningless
  3. Hahn Auto. Warehouse, Inc. v. Am. Zurich Ins. Co.

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    Assuming there is a right to payment when the party has the contractual right to, and does, demand unconditional payment
  4. John J. Kassner & Co. v. City of New York

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    Holding that "the cause of action accrues and the Statute of Limitations begins to run from the time of the breach" of a contract
  5. Quadrant Structured Prods. Co. v. Vertin

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    Holding that no-action clause applied to securityholder's contract claims where clause precluded suits “upon or under or with respect to this Indenture”
  6. Deutsche Bank Nat'l Trust Co. v. Quicken Loans Inc.

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    Affirming decision to dismiss good-faith-and-fair-dealing-claim as duplicative of breach-of-contract claim
  7. Continental Casualty Co. v. Stronghold Insurance Co.

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    Stating that a claim founded on an express contract for indemnity against loss “generally accrues when the indemnitee actually suffers a loss”
  8. Bulova Watch v. Celotex Corp.

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    Holding that the six-year statute of limitations period began anew with each new leak of a roof where contractor had made 20–year guarantee to repair roof
  9. New England Mut Ins v. Caruso

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    Holding that, under New York law, insurer was barred from asserting invalidity of a policy because the statutory incontestability period had expired before the insured died
  10. Signature Realty, Inc. v. Tallman

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    In Signature Realty, Inc. v. Tallman (2 NY3d 810), the Court of Appeals held that nothing in the parties' agreement limited the commission to the initial lease period.
  11. s 500.13 - Content and form of briefs in normal course appeals

    N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 22 § 500.13

    (a) Content. All briefs shall conform to the requirements of section 500.1 of this Part and contain a table of contents, a table of cases and authorities, questions presented, point headings, and, if necessary, a disclosure statement pursuant to section 500.1(f) of this Part. Such disclosure statement shall be included before the table of contents in the party's principal brief. Appellant's brief shall include a statement showing that the court has jurisdiction to entertain the appeal and to review