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    Holding that an appellate court can affirm district court on alternate grounds supported by the record
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    Holding that retroactive aspects of legislation must satisfy due process, a burden "met simply by showing that the retroactive application of the legislation is itself justified by a rational legislative purpose"
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    Holding that due process is not violated if the challenged law has "a reasonable relation to a proper legislative purpose" and is "neither arbitrary nor discriminatory"
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    Holding that a party's detrimental reliance on a statute prior to retroactive change is insufficient to demonstrate a due process violation where there is no vested interest
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    Holding that the application of an amended statute permitting the revocation of a nursing home operating certificate based on an operator's industry-related felony convictions does not impair the operator's vested rights, even though the operator had successfully litigated the automatic revocation under the preexisting law
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    Taking judicial notice of document taken from public records
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    Holding that insurance companies had a due process interest in the statutorily created Property and Liability Insurance Security Fund, funded through insurer contributions and used to satisfy claims in the event of an insurer's insolvency
  8. Cnty. of Niagara v. Daines

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    2012-01-31 In the Matter of COUNTY OF NIAGARA, Petitioner–Respondent, v. Richard F. DAINES, Commissioner, New York State Department of Health and New York State Department of Health, Respondents–Appellants. Eric T. Schneiderman, Attorney General, Albany (Victor Paladino of Counsel), for Respondents–Appellants. Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP, Albany (Christopher E. Buckey of Counsel), and Nancy Rose Stormer, P.C., Utica, for Petitioner–Respondent. PRESENT: SCUDDER Eric T. Schneiderman, Attorney General

  9. Matter of Chrysler Props. v. Morris

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    In Matter of Chrysler Props. (23 N.Y.2d 515, supra), a mortgage recording tax had been paid under protest, and a refund was directed by the Tax Commissioner on the same date as the "effective date" of a later amendment to the Tax Law permitting judicial review of the Commissioner's decisions.