32 Cited authorities

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    Holding that contract requiring snow removal service to plow when snow accumulation reached three inches was "not the type of 'comprehensive and exclusive' property maintenance obligation contemplated" by previous case law
  2. Hooper Associates Ltd. v. AGS Computers, Inc.

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    Holding that the plaintiff could not recover attorneys' fees from the defendant without express language in the agreement permitting such a recovery
  3. Sheila C. v. Povich

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    Holding that § 260.10 failed to define the prohibited conduct in a manner specific enough to give rise to a claim of negligence per se
  4. Stiver v. Good

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    Holding defendant cannot be said to have launched an instrument of harm because there is no evidence that condition was made less safe
  5. Johnson v. Kings County Dist. Attorney's

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    Holding that plaintiff wrongly held for twenty-four days as a fugitive adequately alleged constitutional harm caused by a failure of the District Attorney's office to train assistant district attorneys and other personnel with regard to proper procedures for determining whether detainees pursuant to fugitive warrants are in fact persons sought by out-of-state authorities
  6. Johnson v. State of New York

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    Finding special circumstances where the plaintiffs were negligently and mistakenly informed that their family member had died
  7. Ornstein v. N.Y.C.H.H. Corp.

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    Holding the plaintiff had a claim for negligent infliction of emotional distress after being stuck with a needle filled with blood that was left in the bed of a patient with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)
  8. Dombrowski v. Bulson

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    Holding emotional distress damages are not recoverable in legal malpractice action for negligence resulting in longer incarceration, but recognizing broader recovery rights under intentional torts of false imprisonment and malicious prosecution
  9. Gary v. Flair Beverage Corp.

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    Holding that the indemnified party "is also entitled to . . . costs pursuant to the broad language of the indemnification clause" which did not explicitly mention costs
  10. Ventricelli v. Kinney System Rent a Car, Inc.

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    Holding rental car company liable for its negligence in placing injured party at the site of later accident would have "stretch[ed] the concept of foreseeability beyond acceptable limits"