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    Holding that the legitimate employer interests are limited to "the protection against misappropriation of the employer's trade secrets or of confidential customer lists, or protection from competition by a former employee whose services are unique or extraordinary."
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    Finding that although misconduct occurred in New York, New Jersey was the locus of the tort because that was where plaintiffs' injuries occurred
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    Holding that New York's public policy against pay-if-paid contracts is not so fundamental that it should override the parties' choice of Florida law, which permits pay-if-paid contracts
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    Holding that all parts of the statute should be harmonized and given its full effect and meaning if possible
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    Holding forum selection clause must be enforced where contract unambiguously states that disputes are to be decided in courts of Minnesota and finding that under contract parties waived privilege to have claims heard elsewhere
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    Applying the same principles to a restrictive covenant not to use confidential information
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    Providing a framework for analyzing and evaluating restrictive covenants in employment contracts