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    Holding that the legitimate employer interests are limited to "the protection against misappropriation of the employer's trade secrets or of confidential customer lists, or protection from competition by a former employee whose services are unique or extraordinary."
  2. Cooney v. Osgood Mach

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    Adopting situs of tort as "tie breaker" in true conflict cases
  3. Zurich Ins v. Shearson Lehman

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    Holding that New York courts interpret contracts under the law of the state with the most significant relationship to the transaction
  4. Voss v. Netherlands Ins. Co.

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    In Voss, the plaintiff asked the defendant whether an insurance policy with $75,000 in business interruption coverage would be sufficient.
  5. Holterman v. Holterman

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    73. Argued April 28, 2004. Decided June 10, 2004. Appeal, by permission of the Court of Appeals, from an order of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the Third Judicial Department, entered July 3, 2003. The Appellate Division modified, on the law and the facts, a judgment of the Supreme Court, Albany County (Joseph Cannizzaro, J.), which had granted plaintiff a divorce, incorporated a custody agreement between the parties, directed defendant to pay lifetime maintenance to plaintiff in

  6. Fieger v. Pitney Bowes Credit Corp.

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    Holding that, while "it is helpful to consider the decisions of state's trial . . . courts," those decisions should be "disregarded" if "a federal court . . . is convinced by other persuasive data that the highest court of the state would decide otherwise"
  7. Bigio v. Coca-Cola Co.

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    Indicating that, to state an aiding-and-abetting claim under New York law, a plaintiff must allege the defendant's knowledge of the underlying tort
  8. Welsbach Electric Corp. v. MasTec North America

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    Holding that New York's public policy against pay-if-paid contracts is not so fundamental that it should override the parties' choice of Florida law, which permits pay-if-paid contracts
  9. Boss v. American Express Financial Advisors, Inc.

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    Holding forum selection clause must be enforced where contract unambiguously states that disputes are to be decided in courts of Minnesota and finding that under contract parties waived privilege to have claims heard elsewhere
  10. Purchasing Assoc. v. Weitz

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    Defining a non-compete as "an agreement in restraint of trade"
  11. Section 542.335 - Valid restraints of trade or commerce

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    Providing a framework for analyzing and evaluating restrictive covenants in employment contracts