18 Cited authorities

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    Holding that a claim arising under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), 29 U.S.C. § 621 et seq. (1994 ed.), may be subject to compulsory arbitration
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    Holding unilateral arbitration provision substantively unconscionable
  3. Compucredit Corp. v. Greenwood

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    Holding that contract “parties remain free to specify” their choice of judicial forum “so long as the guarantee ” of the Act “is preserved.”
  4. Stewart v. Preston Pipeline Inc.

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    Holding that "resolving litigation" is a "lawful object" for a contract
  5. Craig v. Brown Root Inc.

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    Holding binding arbitration agreement when employer mailed documents to employee's home and they had not been returned despite employee's protestations that she had not received it
  6. Brookwood v. Bank of America

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    Holding the employee was “bound by the provisions of the [arbitration] agreement regardless of whether [she] read it or [was] aware of the arbitration clause when [she] signed the document”
  7. Circuit City Stores, Inc. v. Najd

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    Holding employee’s failure to opt out of employer’s dispute resolution agreement manifested consent to arbitration under that agreement
  8. Mission Viejo Emergency Med. Assoc. v. Beta Healthcare Grp.

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    Noting that under the holding in Concepcion the "[g]eneral state law doctrine pertaining to unconscionability is preserved unless it involves a defense that applies 'only to arbitration or that derive[its] meaning from the fact that an agreement to arbitrate is at issue'"
  9. Quevedo v. Macy's, Inc.

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    Holding plaintiff's individual PAGA claim to be arbitrable and "the arbitration agreement's provision barring him from bringing that claim on behalf of other employees is enforceable"
  10. Circuit City Stores, Inc. v. Ahmed

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    Holding arbitration agreement enforceable based on employee's failure to opt-out within the 30-day window
  11. Section 1550 - Essential to existence of contract

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    Recognizing that the "essential" elements of contract formation include mutual consent and sufficient consideration
  12. Section 1633.9 - Electronic record or signature attributable to person

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    Addressing authentication of electronic signatures