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    Holding that a complaint was a shotgun complaint when, among other issues, the complaint was 58-pages long and contained at least 146 numbered paragraphs
  2. Jefferson v. Lead Industries Ass'n, Inc.

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    Holding that a plaintiff cannot recover from a manufacturer for damage caused by a product on the basis of any theory of liability not set forth in the LPLA
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    Reversing dismissal for failure to state a claim and noting that "[i]f a complaint is ambiguous or does not contain sufficient information to allow a responsive pleading to be framed, the proper remedy is a motion for a more definite statement under Rule 12(e)" rather than dismissal
  4. Adams v. Franklin

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    Holding that deputy sheriffs, as alter-egos of the Sheriff, were acting within the scope of their discretionary authority when they made decisions regarding incarceration, including whether and how to administer medical care
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    Granting courts authority to "issue orders-including an order for separate trials."