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  11. Section 617.4 - Type I actions

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    (a) The purpose of the list of Type I actions in this section is to identify, for agencies, project sponsors and the public, those actions and projects that are more likely to require the preparation of an EIS than Unlisted actions. All agencies are subject to this Type I list. (1) This Type I list is not exhaustive of those actions that an agency determines may have a significant adverse impact on the environment and requires the preparation of an EIS. However, the fact that an action or project

  12. § 51.101 General policy

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    (a) It is HUD's general policy to provide minimum national standards applicable to HUD programs to protect citizens against excessive noise in their communities and places of residence. (1) Planning assistance. HUD requires that grantees give adequate consideration to noise exposures and sources of noise as an integral part of the urban environment when HUD assistance is provided for planning purposes, as follows: (i) Particular emphasis shall be placed on the importance of compatible land use planning

  13. § 51.100 Purpose and authority

    24 C.F.R. § 51.100

    (a) It is the purpose of this subpart B to: (1) Call attention to the threat of noise pollution; (2) Encourage the control of noise at its source in cooperation with other Federal departments and agencies; (3) Encourage land use patterns for housing and other noise sensitive urban needs that will provide a suitable separation between them and major noise sources; (4) Generally prohibit HUD support for new construction of noise sensitive uses on sites having unacceptable noise exposure; (5) Provide