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    Holding that trial judge must determine, at a separate hearing, that a confession is voluntary before it may be heard by a jury
  2. Giles v. California

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    Holding that prior testimony is admissible if the witness is unavailable and the defense had an opportunity to cross-examine the witness on this prior testimony
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    Adopting a procedure for providing a separate hearing about the voluntariness of a confession to be offered in evidence against a defendant at his or her trial
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    Concluding that there is "no legally-principled reason for drawing a distinction between civil and criminal cases when considering whether the reporter's interest in confidentiality should yield to the moving party's need for probative evidence."
  5. O'Neill v. Oakgrove Constr

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    Recognizing a qualified privilege arising under the federal and the state constitutions for non-confidential materials
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    Explaining that "a false alibi may be due not to consciousness of guilt of the crime charged but to consciousness of some incriminating evidence and the justifiable desire to remain free"
  7. Matter of Beach v. Shanley

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    In Beach we held that a Grand Jury subpoena should have been quashed where the only testimony sought was the identity of a broadcast reporter's confidential source.
  8. Brady v. Ottaway Newspapers

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    Argued October 17, 1984 Decided November 20, 1984 Appeal from the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the Second Judicial Department, Abraham Isseks, J. Joseph Sluzar for defendants-appellants. Peter E. Bloom for plaintiffs-appellants. Robert Abrams, Attorney-General ( Jeffrey I. Slonim, Peter H. Schiff and Howard L. Zwickel of counsel), for respondent. MEMORANDUM. The order of the Appellate Division should be affirmed, with costs. In this action for damages for libel, plaintiffs and defendants

  9. Knight-Ridder v. Greenberg

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    In Green (27 Cal 3d at 59-62, 609 P2d at 504-506), the Supreme Court of California addressed a question similar to the one before us. Green is pertinent because the California capital punishment statute does not require that the murder be "in furtherance of" the felony.
  10. People v. Leonti

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    Holding that, despite limits on its review of pure questions of fact, seeN.Y. Const. art. 6, § 3, when presented with mixed question of law and fact, Court of Appeals could decide “whether the evidence adduced meets the [legal] standard required”
  11. Section 79-H - Special provisions relating to persons employed by, or connected with, news media

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    Applying New York's Shield Law only to "professional journalists and newscasters"