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    Noting rise in use of check cashing facilities because traditional institutions have reduced personal consumer services
  11. Section 600.10 - Format and content of records, appendices and briefs

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    (a) Form and size. (1) Generally; paper and page size. Records, appendices and briefs shall be reproduced by any method that produces a permanent, legible, black on white copy and shall be on a good grade of white, opaque, unglazed recycled paper that satisfies the requirements of subdivision (e) of this section. Paper shall measure vertically 11 inches on the bound edge and horizontally 81/2 inches. The clerk may refuse to accept for filing a paper which is not legible or otherwise does not comply

  12. Section 2211.4 - Procedure where tenant fails to return ICF or landlord disputes certification

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    (a) In the event that the tenant or tenants either fail to return the completed ICF to the landlord on or before the date required by section 2211.2(d) of this Part or the landlord disputes the certification returned by the tenant or tenants, the landlord may, on or before June 30th of such year, file an owner's petition for deregulation (OPD) which petitions the city rent agency to verify, pursuant to section 171-b of the Tax Law, whether the total annual income exceeds $250,000, $175,000, or $200