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    Holding that federal statutory scheme detailing what claims could be made against the FDIC when it is acting as receiver necessarily excluded claims not mentioned in the statute
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    Argued January 10, 1995 Decided February 16, 1995 Appeal from the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the Third Judicial Department, James N. White, J. Bouck, Holloway, Kiernan and Casey, Albany (Michael J. Lonergan of counsel), for appellants. William H. Mycek, Amsterdam, for respondents. SIMONS, J. The question submitted is whether it constituted error in this personal injury action for plaintiff's doctors to testify that she sustained (1) a "permanent consequential limitation of use of

  3. Arnav Industries v. Brown

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    Holding that contributory negligence may be pleaded "as a mitigating factor in the attorney's negligence"
  4. Lasalle Bank Nat. Ass'n v. Nomura Asset Cap

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    Recognizing that a contract “should be construed so as to give full meaning and effect to all of its provisions”
  5. Andon v. 302-304 Mott Street Associates

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    In Andon, the defendant's expert failed to identify or attach the scientific studies he relied upon to support his opinions on the significance of maternal IQ in evaluating lead paint injury causation (Andon, 94 NY2d at 746).
  6. F.D.I.C. v. O'Melveny Meyers

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    Finding Receiver not estopped from bringing legal malpractice claim on behalf of corporation based on fraudulent acts of corporate officers
  7. McCaskey, Davies Assoc. v. N.Y. City Health Hosps

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    Finding it was an abuse of discretion for the Trial Court to deny defendant's motion to amend its answer when there was "nothing in the papers indicative of prejudice to or surprise of plaintiff"
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    Indicating that Dead Man's Statute would render interested party's deposition testimony inadmissible at trial
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  11. Rule 611 - Mode and Order of Examining Witnesses and Presenting Evidence

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    Granting trial judge broad discretion to control witness examination