51 Cited authorities

  1. Harrington v. Richter

    562 U.S. 86 (2011)   Cited 19,891 times   22 Legal Analyses
    Holding that, to warrant habeas relief, a state court's ruling must be "so lacking in justification that there was an error well understood and comprehended in existing law beyond any possibility for fairminded disagreement"
  2. Strickland v. Washington

    466 U.S. 668 (1984)   Cited 136,002 times   173 Legal Analyses
    Holding that prejudice for IAC claims requires showing "that there is a reasonable probability that, but for counsel's unprofessional errors, the result of the proceeding would have been different"
  3. Kyles v. Whitley

    514 U.S. 419 (1995)   Cited 6,216 times   36 Legal Analyses
    Holding the State's disclosure obligation turns on the cumulative effect of all suppressed evidence favorable to the defense
  4. Brady v. Maryland

    373 U.S. 83 (1963)   Cited 33,300 times   132 Legal Analyses
    Holding that "the suppression by the prosecution of evidence favorable to an accused upon request violates due process where the evidence is material either to guilt or to punishment, irrespective of the good faith or bad faith of the prosecution"
  5. California v. Trombetta

    467 U.S. 479 (1984)   Cited 3,514 times   7 Legal Analyses
    Holding that the Constitution does not require the state to preserve a breath sample used in a breath-analysis test in a DUI prosecution
  6. People v. Benevento

    91 N.Y.2d 708 (N.Y. 1998)   Cited 3,679 times   2 Legal Analyses
    In People v Benevento, 91 NY2d 708, 713-14 (1998), the New York Court of Appeals held that "meaningful representation" included a prejudice component which focuses on the "fairness of the process as a whole rather than [any] particular impact on the outcome of the case."
  7. People v. Baldi

    54 N.Y.2d 137 (N.Y. 1981)   Cited 5,485 times   6 Legal Analyses
    In Baldi, the New York State Court of Appeals expressly applied the right to effective assistance of counsel guaranteed by the federal Constitution. 54 N.Y.2d at 146.
  8. People v. Caban

    5 N.Y.3d 143 (N.Y. 2005)   Cited 1,313 times
    Holding conspirators' statements admissible as verbal acts to prove existence of conspiracy but not, absent independent evidence of the conspiracy, for their truth
  9. People v. Turner

    2005 N.Y. Slip Op. 8766 (N.Y. 2005)   Cited 472 times   5 Legal Analyses
    Finding appellate counsel ineffective for not raising ineffectiveness of trial counsel on appeal
  10. People v. Satterfield

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    Noting that C.P.L. 440.30 contemplates that a court will first determine whether or not a C.P.L. 440.10 motion can be decided without a hearing