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    Holding that these terms are to be construed narrowly as barring coverage "only when the insured intended the damages"
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    Holding that indemnity should be allocated pro rata
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    Holding that "routine maintenance" and "decorative modifications," such as the removal and replacement of a burnt-out lightbulb on an illuminated sign or "the minimal cleaning of windows," fall outside the reach of Section 240
  4. 166 Mamaroneck v. 151 E Post

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    Explaining that "the requirement of definiteness could be satisfied in the absence of an explicit contract term . . . [by] recourse to an objective extrinsic event"
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    No. 118. Argued May 4, 2011. decided June 9, 2011. APPEAL, by permission of the Court of Appeals, from an order of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the Fourth Judicial Department, entered May 7, 2010. The Appellate Division affirmed a judgment (denominated order) of the Supreme Court, Erie County (Patrick H. NeMoyer, J.), which had granted defendant Allstate Indemnity Corporation's motion for summary judgment declaring that it had no obligation to defend or indemnify defendant insureds

  6. Mostow v. State Farm Insurance

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    Affirming an insurance award of over $100,000 when the policy ambiguously provided both a $100,000 per person limit and a $300,000 limit when two or more persons were injured
  7. Miller v. Continental Ins. Co.

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    Holding terms of an insurance policy are construed in accordance with their understanding by the average man
  8. Salvano v. Merrill Lynch

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    Holding with respect to contractual agreement regarding arbitration, that court's role is “limited to interpretation and enforcement of the terms agreed to by the parties”
  9. Handelsman v. Sea Insurance

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    In Handelsman, by contrast, the coverage portion of the insurance policy required payment for "`bodily injury' or `property damage' for which any `insured' becomes legally responsible because of an auto accident," and defined an "insured" as a "`family member' for the ownership, maintenance or use of any auto" (id., at 99-100).
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  11. § 1926.1401 Definitions

    29 C.F.R. § 1926.1401   Cited 6 times   1 Legal Analyses

    A/D director (Assembly/Disassembly director) means an individual who meets this subpart's requirements for an A/D director, irrespective of the person's formal job title or whether the person is non-management or management personnel. Articulating crane means a crane whose boom consists of a series of folding, pin connected structural members, typically manipulated to extend or retract by power from hydraulic cylinders. Assembly/Disassembly means the assembly and/or disassembly of equipment covered