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    Holding that plaintiff's "§ 241 claim must fail because of the inadequacy of his allegations regarding the regulations defendants purportedly breached"
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    Holding that owners/contractors are liable under Labor Law section 240 where they failed to provide any safety devices for workers at a building site, and the absence of such devices is the proximate cause of injury to a worker"
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    In Morris, defendant's engineer suggested that the forms could have been tied together with straps to secure them to each other, but offered no further explanation of what should have been done, and defendants submitted no expert testimony.
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    In McCormick v. 257 W. Genesee, LLC, 78 A.D.3d 1581, 913 N.Y.S.2d 435 [2010], the plaintiff tripped and fell on a protruding pin workers had stored on a form at the site.
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    July 24, 1997 Appeal from the Court of Claims (Christopher Mega, J.). There is no dispute as to the relevant facts here and the questions raised were ripe for determination on summary judgment. We find that the facts clearly show that plaintiff's injury did not fall within the scope of Labor Law § 240 (1) and § 241 (6). "[S]ection 240 (1) imposes absolute liability on owners, contractors and their agents for any breach of the statutory duty [to provide adequate safety devices] which has proximately

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  11. Section 23-2.2 - Concrete work

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    (a) General requirements. Forms, shores and reshores shall be structurally safe and shall be properly braced or tied together so as to maintain position and shape. (b) Inspection. Designated persons shall continuously inspect the stability of all forms, shores and reshores including all braces and other supports during the placing of concrete. Any unsafe condition shall be remedied immediately. (c) Beams, floors and roofs. (1) Necessary horizontal and diagonal bracing shall be provided in both longitudinal