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    Finding that city owed a special duty to victim by creating a 911 system and encouraging people to use it to speed police response
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    Holding pursuit of compensation benefits does not preclude common-law suit and "insurance carrier will be able to offset compensation benefits previously paid to the extent that the civil damage award would serve as a double recovery"
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    Holding that a company only utilizing a mandated safety device during OSHA inspections and having experienced reported close-calls of injuries similar to the plaintiff's pushed the injury beyond the norms of industrial life
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  5. Van Dunk v. Reckson Assocs. Realty Corp.

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    Holding that summary judgment against the employee was appropriate because the "employer did not commit an intentional wrong causing employee's injuries"
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    Holding that "genuine issue of material fact as to whether employer's conduct. . . fell within the intentional wrong exception to the exclusive remedy provision of the [WCA], precluded summary judgment" of employee's claims against his employer
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    Holding that statutory immunity was not pierced although OSHA issued five citations to employer in accident's wake
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    Holding that summary judgment on employee's intentional harm claim against employer was precluded because employer's conduct "did not constitute an intentional wrong under the exception to the exclusive remedy provision of the Workers' Compensation Act"
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  11. Section 34:15-8 - Election surrender of other remedies

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    Stating that "[i]f an injury or death is compensable under this article, a person shall not be liable to anyone at common law or otherwise on account of such injury or death for any act or omission occurring while such person was in the same employ as the person injured or killed, except for intentional wrong"
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