18 Cited authorities

  1. Sargon Enters., Inc. v. Univ. of S. Cal.

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    Rejecting expert testimony which assumed that the plaintiff's "market share would have increased spectacularly over time to levels far above anything it had ever reached"
  2. Eastman Co. v. Southern Photo Co.

    273 U.S. 359 (1927)   Cited 697 times
    Holding that solicitation of orders from and sale and shipment of goods to "the Georgia district . . . was transacting business in that district"
  3. DSPT Int'l, Inc. v. Nahum

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    Holding that statute applies in such circumstances
  4. Louis Vuitton S.A. v. Spencer Handbags Corp.

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    Holding that a Court may rely on the defendants' own statements to calculate profits
  5. Asahi Kasei Pharma Corp. v. Actelion Ltd.

    222 Cal.App.4th 945 (Cal. Ct. App. 2014)   Cited 30 times   1 Legal Analyses
    In Asahi, defendant Actelion similarly asserted that it could not be held liable for tortious interference with contract because it acquired CoTherix, a party with whom Asahi agreed to develop their drug—Fasudil, before Actelion and CoTherix shelved the drug's development.
  6. Pierce v. Tennessee Coal c. Railroad Co.

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    In Pierce v. Tennessee C. I. R. Co. 173 U.S. 1, 19 S.Ct. 335, 43 L. ed. 591, plaintiff had received an injury while employed by defendant.
  7. Zinn v. Ex-Cell-O Corp.

    24 Cal.2d 290 (Cal. 1944)   Cited 74 times   2 Legal Analyses
    Holding that when an agent has fully performed the service that would entitle him to commissions, he is entitled to those agreed-upon commissions, until termination of the relationship
  8. Sweet v. Johnson

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    Holding nominal damages are presumed as a matter of law to stem merely from the breach of a contract
  9. Elsbach v. Mulligan

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    In Elsbach, there were "conflicts in the evidence as to whether the operations of the parties constituted genuine corporate functions or whether the corporate form was employed merely as a convenient method of carrying out the agreement of the parties."
  10. Foster v. Keating

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    Addressing concern of fraud on third parties
  11. Section 3360

    Cal. Civ. Code § 3360   Cited 57 times

    When a breach of duty has caused no appreciable detriment to the party affected, he may yet recover nominal damages. Ca. Civ. Code § 3360

  12. Section 9

    Cal. Civ. Code § 9   Cited 8 times

    All other days than those mentioned in Section 7 are business days for all purposes; provided, that as to any act appointed by law or contract, or in any other way, to be performed by, at, or through any bank organized under the laws of or doing business in this state, any optional bank holiday as defined in Section 7.1 is not a business day; and provided, that any act appointed by law or contract, or in any other way, to be performed on any day which is an optional bank holiday as defined in Section