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    Holding that Chevron deference is due only to a " reasonable interpretation made by the administrator of an agency"
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    Holding that liability should be apportioned among joint tortfeasors according to relative fault
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  4. Cruz v. TD Bank, N.A.

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    Stating that New York courts have "declined to recognize a private right of action in instances where ‘the Legislature specifically considered and expressly provided for enforcement mechanisms’ in the statute itself" (quoting Mark G. v. Sabol , 93 N.Y.2d 710, 720, 695 N.Y.S.2d 730, 717 N.E.2d 1067 (1999) )
  5. Rangolan v. County of Nassau

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    In Rangolan v. County of Nassau (96 NY2d 42), this Court held that CPLR 1602 (2) (iv) did not preclude apportionment when a defendant's liability arose from a nondelegable duty because the subsection was a savings provision and not an exception.
  6. Majewski v. Broadalbin-Perth Central School District

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    In Majewski the New York Court of Appeals observed that "the date that legislation is to take effect is a separate question from whether the statute should apply to claims and rights then in existence.
  7. Morales v. County of Nassau

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    Rejecting expressio unius as a basis for “creat[ing] an entirely new exemption that is not suggested by the language of the statute or its history”
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    Holding that, although State of New York was immune from suit in court, plaintiff could obtain "jurisdiction" over State within the meaning of CPLR 1601
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