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    Holding that shareholders that had released unknown fraud claims arising out of the shareholders' ownership interest in a company could not base a rescission claim on allegations that defendants had induced the release by concealing the true value of that interest
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    Finding that when they are clear, the express terms of the agreement control over the parties course of dealing
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    Characterizing the duty of utmost good faith as “the core duty accompanying reinsurance contracts”
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    Rejecting notion that defendant can escape liability simply because subrogee was paid to insure loss victim
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    Finding policy was not rendered void pursuant to misrepresentation provision found therein as plaintiff was under no duty to disclose the publicly available information to defendant
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    Reiterating that because "duty to defend is broader than the duty to indemnify," former duty may arise before facts are sufficiently developed to determine latter duty
  11. Section 3105 - Representations by the insured

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    Requiring "inducement"
  12. Section 313 - Notice of termination

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    1. (a) No contract of insurance for which a certificate of insurance has been filed with the commissioner shall be terminated by cancellation by the insurer until at least twenty days after mailing to the named insured at the address shown on the policy a notice of termination by regular mail, with a certificate of mailing, properly endorsed by the postal service to be obtained, except where the cancellation is for non-payment of premium in which case fifteen days notice of cancellation by the insurer

  13. Section 54 - The insurance contract

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    1. Right of recourse to the insurance carrier. Every policy of insurance covering the liability of the employer for compensation shall be issued by one or more stock companies, mutual corporations or reciprocal insurers authorized to transact workers' compensation insurance in this state. In the case of a policy with multiple insurers, such insurers shall share one hundred percent of the liabilities by subscription, and one of the insurers shall serve as the lead insurer for notice and cancellation

  14. Section 6908 - Applicability of other laws

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    An insurer issuing policies of financial guaranty insurance shall be subject to all of the provisions of this chapter applicable to property/casualty insurers to the extent that such provisions are not inconsistent with the provisions of this article. N.Y. Ins. Law § 6908