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    Holding that the document at issue was exempt from discovery where "the narration relate[d] and integrate[d] the facts with the law firm's assessment of the client's legal position"
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    Holding that application of dram shop law "requires a commercial sale of alcohol"
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    Holding that a failure to take proper medical histories constitutes medical malpractice because taking a medical history is a crucial part of diagnosis and treatment, while the failure to provide competent medical personnel or promulgate appropriate emergency room rules constitutes ordinary negligence
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    Recognizing a qualified privilege arising under the federal and the state constitutions for non-confidential materials
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    In DiMichel v. South Buffalo Ry. Co. (80 N.Y.2d 184, cert denied sub nom. Poole v. Consolidated Rail Corp., 510 U.S. 816), the Court of Appeals confronted the issue of whether films prepared by a defendant in a personal injury action were discoverable by a plaintiff before trial.
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    Looking to basic requirements of Rule 26(b) in applying work product doctrine to non-party
  9. Cooley v. Carter-Wallace

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    July 13, 1984 Appeal from the Supreme Court, Onondaga County, John R. Tenney, J. Schepp D'Addario ( Francis R. D'Addario of counsel), for appellants. Mackenzie, Smith, Lewis, Michell Hughes ( Catherine A. Gale of counsel), for respondent. GREEN, J. The adequacy of the warning in a products liability case based on a failure to warn is, in all but the most unusual circumstances, a question of fact to be determined at trial. Special Term erred in this case finding the warning on the label of the product

  10. In re Megan-Racine Associates, Inc.

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    Holding that Rule 501 dictates repair to state privilege law on state claims resolved in federal bankruptcy courts