107 Cited authorities

  1. Greenfield v. Philles Records

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    Holding a "written agreement that is complete, clear and unambiguous on its face must be enforced according to the plain meaning of its terms"
  2. W.W.W. Assocs v. Giancontieri

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    Holding that extrinsic evidence was immaterial, in part because the contract plainly manifested intent that all prior understandings were merged into the contract, which expressed the parties' full agreement
  3. Harris v. Seward Park

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    Noting that elements of breach of contract claim under New York law "include the existence of a contract, the plaintiff's performance thereunder, the defendant's breach thereof, and resulting damages"
  4. Zumpano v. Quinn

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    Holding that a party must establish "subsequent and specific actions by defendants somehow kept them from timely bringing suit"
  5. Reiss v. Financial Performance Corporation

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    Holding courts "may not by construction add or excise terms, nor distort the meaning of those used and thereby make a new contract for the parties under the guise of interpreting the writing."
  6. Ely-Cruikshank Co. v. Bank

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    Holding that the statute of limitations accrues from time of breach
  7. Cruden v. Bank of New York

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    Holding that a RICO injury does not occur until a debtor defaults on promised principal and equity payments
  8. Metropolitan Life v. Noble Lowndes

    84 N.Y.2d 430 (N.Y. 1994)   Cited 189 times   1 Legal Analyses
    Holding proof that “defendant's repudiation of the Agreement was motivated exclusively by its own economic self-interest” is insufficient to show willful misconduct
  9. Hahn Auto. Warehouse, Inc. v. Am. Zurich Ins. Co.

    2012 N.Y. Slip Op. 2344 (N.Y. 2012)   Cited 110 times
    Assuming there is a right to payment when the party has the contractual right to, and does, demand unconditional payment
  10. John J. Kassner & Co. v. City of New York

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    Holding that "the cause of action accrues and the Statute of Limitations begins to run from the time of the breach" of a contract
  11. Section 2-725 - Statute of Limitations in Contracts for Sale

    N.Y. U.C.C. Law § 2-725   Cited 343 times   2 Legal Analyses
    Stating that a cause of action for breach of warranty accrues when the breach occurs, regardless of the aggrieved party's lack of knowledge of the breach
  12. Section 206 - Computing periods of limitation in particular actions

    N.Y. C.P.L.R. § 206   Cited 127 times

    (a) Where demand necessary. Except as provided in article 3 of the uniform commercial code, where a demand is necessary to entitle a person to commence an action, the time within which the action must be commenced shall be computed from the time when the right to make the demand is complete, except that 1. where a right grows out of the receipt or detention of money or property by a trustee, agent, attorney or other person acting in a fiduciary capacity, the time within which the action must be commenced

  13. Section 860G - Other definitions and special rules

    26 U.S.C. § 860G   Cited 31 times   1 Legal Analyses
    Defining qualified mortgages that REMICs may hold
  14. § 229.1111 (Item 1111) Pool assets

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    Describe the pool assets, including the information required by this Item 1111. Present statistical information in tabular or graphical format, if such presentation will aid understanding. Present statistical information in appropriate distributional groups or incremental ranges in addition to presenting appropriate overall pool totals, averages and weighted averages, if such presentation will aid in the understanding of the data. In addition to presenting the number, amount and percentage of pool