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    Accepting the proposition that "a defendant's acquittal by reason of insanity was not a conviction"
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    In Matter of Freeman (103 Misc.2d 649, 655), the court determined that a PINS held in a facility similar to the House of the Good Shepherd is "not in `detention' for purposes of the criminal escape provisions of the Penal Law".
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    In Buthy, the defendant, an insanity acquittee who eloped from Gowanda Psychiatric Center, a secure facility, was indicted for escape in the second degree.
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    In State v Kyles (166 N.J. Super. 343, 399 A.2d 1027 [Super Ct, App. Div. 1979]) the New Jersey court also held that the escape statute (NJ Stat Ann § 2A:104-6) does not apply to the unauthorized departure from a psychiatric institution by a person who is involuntarily civilly committed.
  11. Section 751 - Prisoners in custody of institution or officer

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    Defining crime of escape and penalties
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    Setting forth the elements of, and the defendant's burden of proof in asserting, the insanity defense
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    Defining crime of escape to include the unauthorized failure "to return to official detention following temporary leave granted for a specific purpose or limited period"
  14. Section 1026.4

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    (a) Every person committed to a state hospital or other public or private mental health facility pursuant to the provisions of Section 1026, who escapes from or who escapes while being conveyed to or from the state hospital or facility, is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed one year or in a state prison for a determinate term of one year and one day. The term of imprisonment imposed pursuant to this section shall be served consecutively to any other sentence or commitment

  15. Section 500.11 - Alternative procedure for selected appeals

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    (a) On its own motion, the court may review selected appeals by an alternative procedure. Such appeals shall be determined on the intermediate appellate court record or appendix and briefs, the writings in the courts below and additional letter submissions on the merits. The clerk of the court shall notify all parties by letter when an appeal has been selected for review pursuant to this section. Appellant may request such review in its preliminary appeal statement. Respondent may request such review

  16. Section 541.1 - Definitions

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    (a) Administrative privileges means any occasion on which the defendant leaves the buildings to which he or she is restricted for the purpose of receiving care or treatment elsewhere in the facility, with or without the constant supervision of one or more employees of the facility, or any occasion on which the defendant leaves the confines of the facility for the receipt of medical care, appearance in court or attendance at the funeral of an immediate family member, and during which he or she is

  17. Section 541.7 - Order of transfer

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    (a) A defendant in a secure facility, pursuant to a retention order or a recommitment order, may not be transferred to a nonsecure facility unless the court that issued the commitment order or recommitment order, or a superior court in the county in which the secure facility is located, issues a transfer order. (b) The Director of Forensic Services may apply for a transfer order upon the recommendation of the clinical director, after consultation with the hospital forensics committee, in accordance