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    Holding a criminal defendant does not have a constitutional right to counsel to file a petition for discretionary review, so cannot be deprived of the effective assistance of counsel if counsel does not file petition
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    Noting local board's discretion in selecting contractors
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    Argued March 24, 1980 Decided April 24, 1980 Appeal from the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the Fourth Judicial Department. Harvey Mandelkern, Bernard T. McGivern, Norman H. Gross and Henry F. Sobota for appellants. Robert D. Clearfield and Paul E. Klein for respondents. Robert Abrams, Attorney-General (Shirley Adelson Siegel and John Q. Driscoll of counsel), in his statutory capacity under section 71 of the Executive Law. Per Curiam. The issue in this case is the constitutionality of